Core Competencies

Test & Evaluation Solutions provides multiple services and capabilities to our customers. Each of these services rely on one or more of our core competencies:

  1. Test & Evaluation Support
  2. Systems Engineering
  3. Vulnerability and Recovery Analysis

Ship Survivability Assessments

T&E Solutions' personnel have a wide range of experience in conducting ship survivability assessments for both the U.S. Navy and international customers. Since the early 1990s, members of our team have provided critical support to the U.S. Navy in fulfilling the requirements of U.S. Code, Article 10, Section 2366 (Realistic Survivability Testing), commonly referred to as Live Fire Test and Evaluation (LFT&E).

Our personnel have significant experience in planning and conducting realistic survivability tests ranging from small scale fragmentation and fire tests to full-scale at-sea weapon effects tests on decommissioned ships.

We have been involved in performing modeling and simulation (M&S) based LFT&E assessments for the following U.S. Navy Shipbuilding Programs: DDG 51 Class Flight I and II/IIA, Cruiser Conversion/Modernization, DDG 1000, Joint High Speed Vessels (JHS(V)), Expeditionary Mobile Base (ESB), Mobile Landing Platform (MLP), LPD Flights I & II, both variants of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), and DDG 51 Class Flight III. We also perform M&S based ship survivability assessments for international customers.

Recent examples of our work in this area include:

Test & Evaluation Support

The U.S. Navy has relied on T&E Solutions to provide test planning, test management, pre and post-test analysis, operational risk management (ORM), and reporting services for complex tests. T&E Solutions personnel are currently preparing to perform equipment thermal fragility testing at the Naval Research Laboratory CBD facility in collaboration with NRL and personnel from Jensen Hughes, Inc.

T&E Solutions' personnel are skilled in identifying testing needs, establishing test objectives, serving as Test Directors, preparing detailed test plans, analyzing test results, preparing test reports, and coordinating test conduct activities.

From small to large, simple to complex, our experienced personnel can ensure your testing meets requirements, stays within budget, and is completed on time.

Systems Engineering and Ship Design Support

In the area of systems engineering, T&E Solutions focuses on analyzing complex interdependent systems. We have developed unique engineering processes and simulation capabilities that allow us to efficiently model complex systems in order to identify unforeseen system behaviors and characteristics. We are able to measure total system and subsystem performance, taking into consideration all the elements of the system, including human dependencies, concepts of operation, and variations in systems alignments.

In the area of ship design support, T&E Solutions personnel are providing engineering support to the LPD 17 Class Flight II Ship Design Manager, including serving as the LPD 17 Class System Engineering Manager for Auxiliaries, Mission and Damage Control.